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Hey People!

Feb. 10th, 2007 | 12:48 pm

I haven't posted in a while now.  Well things are well.  Oh!  Joe I read you entry and I am worried. Please call me as soon as you can. I love you brother! 

I opened my heart in a sense.  Yep I finally let some one that I liked them. Lets see if this goes better than before. *fingers crossed* 
School is going well.  Talking to people, working, writing papers, homework....nothing out of the ordinary.  Well things are great.

Joe please call me when you get a chance!

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Another One Bites the Dust....indeed it did....

Aug. 1st, 2006 | 10:59 am

Wooooowhooooo!!!!!  I am free from working...for at least.......2 days......oh yeah cartoons!  Deposited my checkkkkkah and dennnnnnnnnnn I am here.  Yeah I know that it is not the eventful...but what can yah do?

I am sad to say buh bye to the people here at home, but I am so excited to go back to the city!  I hope that all of the financial crap is worked out at school...........ANYWHO

A new dawn a new day.......I think that is how it goes....

Well I am outy for now......tis is the goodbye.......until tomorrow...then there will be another.........so I just completely wasted a sentence....GOooooooo Me!  I am ED-chu-Muh-Kay-dead!!!!!!!!!!!!

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To see the light or not to see the light.....

Jul. 25th, 2006 | 04:37 pm

Today was an interesting day.  Rainy days tend to make me think of many things.  From pre-chewed gum to uncracked theories...I am baffled.  

Today's thought is of...caring.  Caring...one may think that they "care" about many things.  I care about many things, yet at times I have this void of emptiness knowing that I may have taken someone foregranted.  For that I am sorry.

Always speaking about what I want and how things should be...that is just the thing.  Things are the way that they are and there is no way of changing anything.  I need to accept things for what they are and why they are happening.  Change is said to be good, but why can it hurt someone so bad?

Well that is all for now...I think that my brain is going to blow....ugh*  Goodnight and please please do not take anyone foregranted.  It is one of the worst things a person could do, and now I am guilty of such action.  

Oh on the bright side I got the Pell Grant and I am a sophmore....the credits at Macomb transferred!

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(no subject)

Jul. 25th, 2006 | 10:19 am

Yeppppers indeed......I think it is time for an "update" per say.  All is well......running/biking/.........other stuffs in the morning.  GO SHERNITA and......myself! Woooot Wooot!  Work is going well.  It is kind of sad to go away again.  Where did the summer go? 

It is time to go to college and become what I want to be....and it is.......................Quail Girl!  I know that Doug Funny already did that thing, but I think that I can offer different qualities....other than having a......."chooom chooom", smaller nose, the use of underwear outside the pants,..............

ANYWHO, well I am heading out.  ADIOS!!!!!!!!!!

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Oooodles and Kah-booodles...................

Jun. 13th, 2006 | 05:12 pm
location: Duh Place that holds Books
mood: Pooooooooped Pooooooooped
music: Led Zeppelin

Family, a word to some that offers a comforting aura.  In today's day and age, family and it's true meaning is slowing desipating.  From strong values and good morals...to rude inconciderate youngsters who only care about "me me me me me"; this sickens me to see this happening.  If you see a friend in need, the most common thing that pops into someone's head is to "Help them".  now today, yes indeed that does still occur, BUT it is only done with the expectation of something in return.  Where are those genuine people out there?  In my short life, I have meet few.  Those are the people whom I hold dear to my heart today.

Where's the mom? dad?   Today's society thrieves on money and frivilous items.  Thus causing the parents to be at work ALL day and having NO CLUE what his or her child is doing.  Pay attention!  KNow your kids, inside and out...well......not like the anatomy...organs...ewwww.  You get my drift.  If you do not get to know them when they are young you are bound to a future of an "aquiantance like" relationship.  THat is sad.

With the parent's not knowing their children, they are more appted to get those kids out of their hair.  Buying them whatever they want, letting them come and go as they please......etc.  Having something handed to you means NOTHING unless you work for it yourself.  That is a major dissappointment to see children not knowing the meaning of a dollare AND the responsibility that goes along with it.

Not I am not mad at my parents, nor am I just saying it to just complain.  It is what is happening today and it is very very sad to see.  DO NOT...please do not take things foregranted.  You NEVER know when you are going to lose it or them.  Give till your heart hurts.  That is what the world needs...is a little thing called self-lessness. 

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Hey hey hey Momma.......

Jun. 7th, 2006 | 04:10 pm
mood: Derrrrrrrr Derrrrrrrr
music: Led Zeppelin

Ahhhh.....(*sigh)  Work is over for the next few...well....for one day.  But what can yah do?!?!?!  Money is money.  I have been in the writing mood lately....I need to paint!!!!!  A trip to Micheal's will do the trick!  Joe Joe your my man!!!!!!  Let's go and have a ball......artsy fun is.........frickin sweetah!

Lately I have been pondering the what if's....don't you hate when you do that?!?!?  Well I do.  (LOL)  There are things that I want to do in my life before I keel over......kick the can....croak.......bite the dust, well I think that you get the point.  I have made up a list of "TO DO's Before I DIE"....well I will never die, I am Courtney! Nah....  Well here is the list!

-Attend concerts by : Coldplay, Seether, Stix (if they are still around.. :o/  ),  Dave Matthews Band, My Morning Jacket...and some more....
-Go Camping
-Travel to another country besides Canada
-Sing at Open Mic Night
-Master the Guitar! :o)
-Become a great Teacher
-Learn how to Ice Skate
-Swim in the Ocean
-See the Grand Canyon
-Fly on an airplane
-Go white water rafting
...............Well the list is building every day.  So hopefully I will be able to complete this beast of a list.

Now I am out to ride my bike home! Horray!!!! Go ME!!!!!!!! (*Happy Dance)  I am funny!  Well I try to be at least.  Adios!!!!!!!!

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(no subject)

Jun. 6th, 2006 | 03:30 pm

Things are goin' well. I suppose. I am waiting for school to start up again. Granted it is great being home...it is starting to get repititious.

I love writing letters, but I am too impatient to wait for a reply. (*scuffs)

OH! I got 2 new CD's....2 posters and 2 new earings...take that June 6th of 2006! (*shakes fist)

Well I am outy! Adios!

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(no subject)

Apr. 24th, 2006 | 12:47 pm
music: Pink Floyd

Coming home soon....I am excited, yet I yearn for more of the college experience.  I love it here at GVSU.  I have made new friends and in that process grew as a person.  Black hair to cool nifty hair.......nose piercing.....it is cool to know who I am and what my purpose is.  College does that to yah...trust me Joe you will see soon enough ;o)  

New couples were formed....aww aren't they cute.  I wish them the best.  hahaha I am a Fortune cookie darnit!  Please can I have that nic-name now??????????????  Well....we will see then huh.  I can wait...yeah I can. (*sticks tongue out)

Now....what to do this summer.....Cedar Point in May.........Working........Working........hmmm oh yeah...HANG OUT with Joey!!!!!!!!!!  Who could forget that face?!?!?!?!?!?! LOL  Hopefully Joey and I could get that mini-room painted in his house.  That shall be fun....can you say PAINT FIGHT...muah ha ha ha ha...I will behave.  Well I am leaving for now...but I shall return with greater stories..................and hopefully stronger bonds with the ones that I hold dear to my heart.  Thank you all for making this year a one to remember!

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(no subject)

Apr. 20th, 2006 | 11:23 pm

It is funny.... such an oxymoron love creates. As a single individual I hear and often catch myself saying," I will never act like that", "Wow, you are whipped?", "I thought that there were 2 of you.", "Baby talk is dumb."; The list goes on and on. In the truth of it all, we all yearn for that connection. No matter who says what, an infatuation of the simplest form makes the ever so mature a child. Wide eyes of vast expectations and hopes, giddy laugher filling the air, and the mere touch of that person; this makes our knees turn into jello. Then we are in this paradox. Without crushes, child-like infatuations, and the simple obsession; we are just in denial of what love actually does. I think that we all need a taste of it now and again. Embrace it; you never know when it will happen again. Dust of that Welcome mat, and open your door. What you see may surprise you.

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(no subject)

Apr. 11th, 2006 | 04:03 pm

For the sake of updating....

College is going well, nose,.......I will leave it at the for the moment. Yeap...

I am coming home in like 3 weeks!....I mean..in 2. Well I hope that I do well on my exams. I am so tired lately...

Well I do not have much to say. Adios!

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